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Inside New York shows a perspective of New York from someone who actually lives in the city, our 19 year experience as tour guides enable us to truly show our clients what a Manhattanite experience is all about.

Our guides are licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affair, knowledgeable in history, architecture and alternative culinary. Sightseeing, walking tours and museum tours are offered all year round.

Inside New York - Tour Guide in New York

Knowing your Guide:

Inside New York - Tour Guide in New York Guia Ray – Born at New York Polyclinic Hospital in NYC located in NYS, Ray is as New Yorker as they come. His 19-year tour-guiding experience in NYC in multiple languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) has proven to be indispensable for all major tour companies in the city and abroad. Licensed by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and passionate about the city’s history and culture, Ray’s insight is reflected in his presentation, and tourists are overwhelmed with the city’s history. He takes absolute pride in his work and feels it is his duty to give every visitor the best possible New York Experience. Over the years his work was done as a Brazilian guide in New York for companies like Soletur, Besttours NYC, BrazilNYtour, Tourism New York, CT Travel, Tours WT, TiaPenha, TiaZirinha, Savagtur, Valeverde, Fun / Happy, CVC, CT Travel, Tours and more Leco dozens of branches in New York and Brazil. His work was featured in the Program Luciano Hulk “I’ll Taxi in NYC” in 2008, and is the particular guide in New York’s Jose Mourinho and his family, coach of Real Madrid.

Licensed by New York City Department of Consumer Affairs: #1385058


Inside New York - Tour Guide in New York Guide Priscila – Born in Vitória, the state capital of Espírito Santo – Brazil,  she moved to NY in 2006. The city has always been in her bucket list to must travel, fell instantly in love with the rich history and followed her husbands advice to work in the tourist industry,got herself a tour guide license and took over operations for BRAZIL NY TOURS where she stands today a director, with her degree in marketing and lots of hard work Pricilla along with her husband Guia Ray Priscilla has served many local and foreign agencies such as , Harlem Spirit, Besttour, Leco Tours & Transportation and Alltour America and Brazilian agencies, highlighted, Tia Penha, Aunt Zirinha, CT Travel, Avellar Tour.

Licensed by New York City Department of Consumer Affairs: #2009539


We are Tour Guides associated with Brazil NY tour / Meu Guia Brasileiro LLC

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Inside New York is a division of Brazil NY tour / Meu Guia Brasileiro LLC, a company dedicated to incoming tourism, offering sightseeing tours in Portuguese, English and Spanish with professional and licensed guides. We work in the areas of New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia.